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29 May 2008 @ 07:59 pm
welcome to circusacts!

as you can read in to userinfo, this is a graphics (icons, layouts, headers, requests, etc.) run by skeleton . the rules, which are also conveniently in the userinfo, are as follows:

01. you must credit for icons, layouts, EVERYTHING, unless otherwise stated.
02. make sure to comment the individual post to say what you're taking.
03. icons without text are not bases. they're not for you to edit.
04. as for layouts, each layout will probably have specific rules. however, as long as you give credit, you may change colors, fonts, etc.
05. tags are your friends! use them :).
06. as usual, let's keep out the drama, please.

if you do not follow these rules, you'll be banned. it's all fun and simple :).